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Engineering Education Research Group

Ingenjörsvetenskapens didaktik


Engineering education research at Linköping University investigates learning, teaching and the formation of knowledge in the art and science of engineering in a broad sense. In focus stand fields of knowledge of relevance for the practice of, and education for, the engineering profession and its relation to the advance of knowledge in techniques and technology. This leads to a special interest in students’ and practicing engineers’ acquisition of and further growth of knowledge of techniques, technology and about different fields of technology, selection of content in and the arrangement of education, knowledge about and insights in the relation between techniques, technology, the evolution of technology and changes in society and the development of the ability of solving problems with the help of technology.




June 16, 2016 — The sixth seminar of the Nordic Network in Engineering Education Research (NNEER) will be held in Turku/Åbo, Finland

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